Hello Beautiful Mommy To Be, Welcome to the journey of motherhood

Pregnancy is a special time in womans life and can be one of the most joyful experiences ever!

When it comes to being physically active during pregnancy, it is important that you take extra care

Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy

Yoga Postures focus on Pelvic muscles which will come in handy during labor. Of course, by simply being physically active, mothers release endorphins (happy hormones). Yoga also improves circulation , endurance, stamina, flexibility and muscle tone, all while helping with morning sickness, cramps. But the most important benefit of yoga is that it keeps people calm mentally agile.

Safety measures to remember while performing yoga

1. Avoid lying on your back and tummy

2. No forward and backward bending.

3. Avoid jerky and twisting movements.

4. No holding of breath

5. Listen to your body while practicing yoga

6. Stop immediately if you experience any discomfort.

7. Accept and respect the new shape of your body

8. Use your practice to create more space for your baby.

Second Trimester (15 weeks to 28 weeks)

1. Warrior Pose (Veerabhadrasan 1)

2. Vrukshasan (Tree Pose)

3. Trikonasan(Triangle Pose)

4. Veerabhadrasan 2(Warrior Pose 2)

Third Trimester (28 week onwards)

1. Balasan (Child Pose)

2. Gomukhasan (Cow Face Pose with variation)

3. Viparita Veerabhadrasan (Reverse Warrior Pose)

4. Upavishta Konasan

Pranayam (Breathing Techniques)

1. Naadi Shuddi Pranayam
2. Bramari Pranayam
3. "Aa" Kara Chanting
4. "Om" Chanting
5. Surya Nadi Pranayam and Chandra Nadi Pranayam
6. Stomach Breathing technique
7. Thurasic Breathing technique

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