Coldpress Coconut Oil – 1Ltr

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Sattva Coldpress oils are extracted from Wood Ganuga and the temperature of the oil during extraction will be below 10 degrees, where as all the refined oils are extracted in machines and also the temperature of those oils during extraction would be above 100 degree, when oils are extracted at high temperature they loose all the nutrient profile and has more fat in them.

Benefits of Coldpress Oils: 

Better Nutrient Profile:
Unlike refined oils that are extracted using high temperatures, cold-pressed oils are extracted using a mechanical wooden press which involves no heat. This retains all the nutrients in the oil that are beneficial. Cold-pressed oils have higher amounts of antioxidants, phospholipids, lecithin and even proteins which make it a healthier choice.

Good For your Heart:
The refined oils used for cooking are actually inflammatory in nature and lead to several heart diseases. They increase bad cholesterol and may even lead to insulin resistance.Cold-pressed oils are rich in phytosterols and essential fatty acids that will help increase good cholesterol levels and keep your heart health in good shape.

No Trans Fat:
When refined oil is subjected to high temperatures, it leads to the formation of trans fats. Trans fats can increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.


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